The Netherlands: Better late than never

So… last winter we found these amazing deals on flights to The Netherlands for May – the month between Joshua’s classes ending and his externship starting. I had thought we might spend some time camping during that month, but this was so much better! So we went to visit Joshua’s aunts and uncles there. Rebekah, Joshua’s sister came with us so that us adults still outnumbered the boys.

Commence photo overload:

We visited the Keukenhof Gardens full of glorious flowers

Joshua channeled his inner bird lady in Amsterdam:


Maxwell found a new hobby (putting nuts into a basket and then back again):IMG_20170512_123024188

Windmills and sprinkle sandwiches – so Dutch!


Windmills at Zaanse Schaans. What you cannot see is the intoxicating smell of chocolate that lingered in the air from the nearby factory. Heaven!


Why buy shoes for everyone when you can just get one that fits the whole family?


We even got to dress up in traditional Dutch attire for a picture!

Joseph liked the herring, Maxwell not so much:

Don’t worry Maxwell, you’re braver than me. I only smelled it.

Jet lag in full force:


We got to see and walk around the temple in Zoetermeer:

Turns out, the coolest playground in the Netherlands is right next to Uncle Wim’s house. Yeah, it’s a dragon:


We toured Muiderslot Castle and got to play dress up:

I don’t know why, but Maxwell is really concerned about the sky falling on his head:


We even got to play at the beach a couple times:


And no trip to Europe would be complete without lying on the floor of the airport eating snacks, right? Doesn’t everyone do that?


All in all, it really was a great trip full of fun memories and great time with family. We can’t wait to go back!


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