A fairy seed


I’ve been singing this song, A Fairy Seed, to him for a while. He’s started picking up on the actions. This is his jack-o-lantern face.


3 thoughts on “A fairy seed

  1. you are doing so well with singing and reading to him. And he is so smart to pick those things up. And to top it all off, he is so cute. Love


  2. This is such a strange request. I teach elementary music and my curriculum called for teaching and singing “A Fairy Seed”. Problem is, I don’t have any music for it and don’t know that song. When I entered it in google to look for it, your post was the only thing I could find that might be anything about it. Any chance you could give me any more information on the song so I could find it?

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    1. I have a PDF of the song! Before my son was born I was also an elementary music teacher, that’s how I learned it. You don’t happen to be using Jerry Jaccard’s curriculum from BYU? He’s the only one I know of who uses that song. I used his curriculum for the 3 years I taught.

      Here is a link to the PDF:
      Let me know if you have trouble viewing it.

      I’m so glad you contacted me, good luck!


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